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Why Europass?

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What's Euro Cv - EuroPass ?

Curicculum vitae - European standard

It's a HR marketing instrument jobseeker side used in Europe for promote and help the jobseekers to find a job.

      It commes accompanied by a cover letter, never alone.

The European Union introduced the standardization of information presentation to facilitate rapid identification of employers' selection and the best candidate for a available job.

EUROPASS, Why you need him? -job mobility

Europass is a useful tool for self-presentation (self-marketing) for foreign worker, for a Jobseeker looking for work in a country other than country of origin because it helps the person to present their data in a standard format and not waste time searching CV formats specific to each countries along Europe.



Curriculum Vitae (CV) Forms European multilingual online-Free-
Create a European Curriculum Vitae (CV, Resume) free in a few easy steps by filling out the form and choose from several models of CV (almost all European languages). Download, fill, print or send it by email to obtain a job

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) European- Formulare Multilingve Online Gratuite-
Creaza un Curriculum Vitae European (CV, Resume) gratuit in cativa pasi simpli completand formularul si alege din mai multe modele de CV (aproape toate limbile europene). Descarca, Completeaza, Tipareste sau trimite-l prin email in vederea obtinerii unui job -

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